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1. Head

it's designed for extra comfort and balance by adapting other parts of the body in all positions during sleeping


A soft basis is provided to relax the muscles in this part of the body.
it is the part that supplies the best comfort by supporting the circulation between head and the body.


The vast majority of the weight of the body is applied in between the back and the hip. That's why this part of the body should be supported perfectly by arough surface. it keeps the body in its natural form


it is the soft part designed to minimize the stress upon the body.it provides the relaxation of the legs and the arms. increasing the balance on the body


it makes you feel the pleasure of a healthy sleep preserving all circulation system within the body

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Alinda factory for mattresses & Upholstry is consider one of the biggest factories for mattresses and Upholstry in Egypt & Middle East who specialized in the manufacture of the spring mattresses which is charactericed as 100% egyptian

Product and with a Turkish specifications the manufacturing of mattresses & Upholstry at our factory depends on high quality and accuracy in the design and choosing the finest raw materials that fit the needs of the consumer.
That's made us one of the biggest factory which the client trust its products our factory established with the latest production lines to manufacture a high quality product according to the standard specifications and in a new way and high elegance with special specifications.